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Coach and Consultant for Leaders and Organisations.

Why live ordinary when you are extraordinary!

Through coaching processes and techniques, organisations can boost performance in the workplace and inspire employees to perform at their peak

I am a visionary leadership development coach guiding organisational leaders who are struggling with the complexity of life in their role of power and influence.  I also partner with organisations that value their teams to improve their working environment, finding and creating meaning. I help you to minimise conflict among your team, improve communication, adaptability and resilience to maximise performance, productivity and agility. My ultimate vision is to improve leadership cultures to generate flow, better communication and inspire peak performance to maximise potential and opportunity.

Coach You to Realise

Challenge You to Grow

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Having worked in fast-paced, highly diverse and multicultural diagnostic corporations in senior roles, I use my initiative and natural leadership skills to support the increasing demand for high-level coaching in corporate environments. In addition, I have over 20 years experience in training, mentoring and personal development. I have a PhD in Coronavirus vaccine development, I am a certified personal performance coach from the “International Coaching Federation (ICF)”, and an accredited DISC practitioner for communication. My background enables me to build connections and understanding of my clients needs, to empower them by transforming their mindset and ultimately leading them to success. 

My mission is to be a key leader in the coaching industry, to impact leaders and managers in the organisations, who impact people, that go and impact the world.

Leading people through challenges

"Be the leader your people will follow you to the end of the earth"

I help leaders and their teams predominantly in the Science & Technology industry who are juggling with challenges of fast paced changes and seek an adaptable set of skills and habits to help them excel.

Leaders who need to inspire and lead others to do work in a more collective and productive manner, sustainably and to help improve performance and communication leading to business and personal success.

What are the Benefits of a working with me?

My Leadership coaching programmes have many benefits for you and your team as well as for your organisation.

Here are some of those benefits that you can gain by working together with me:

Enhanced performance: I work with you and your team to more accurately examine the strengths and become aware of the weak spots, to gain better perspective about your abilities and how to better make use of them to work smarter.

Empowerment: Working with me can help you learn how to empower yourself and those on your team. This has the added benefit of increasing team member’s engagement in opportunities to collaborate, managing relationships with key stakeholders and understanding the underlying politics on what’s going on in the organisation.

A fresh perspective: We do not know what we cannot see. Having an outside perspective can be extremely powerful when looking to make meaningful and lasting changes. I help you and your team to challenge routine and apply critical thinking to create more innovative ideas.

Confidence: I help you and your team to support one-another while making meaningful changes, as well as celebrating your wins, which can positively impact you and your teams’ confidence levels.

Job and life satisfaction: By taking the time to step back and clearly assess your personal and professional life, with my help as your coach, you can find more time for work/life balance. This tends to lead to better performance, retention, and increased satisfaction with your job.

Leadership Academy Coach and Mentor
Accredited by DISC communication assessment coach