Purpose. Passion. Possibility.


Personal and professional coach for organisations and leaders.

Why live ordinary when you are extraordinary!

Through coaching processes and techniques, organisations can boost performance in the workplace and inspire employees to perform at their peak

I am a visionary leadership coach that guides organisational leaders and their teams to live the life they desire. To minimise the pressure and stress associated with high performing roles and to maximise performance and productivity. 

I also partner with organisations that value their leaders’ personal development, and those that seek improvement in their working environment. My ultimate vision is to improve leadership cultures to generate flow, better communication and inspire peak performance to maximise potential and opportunity.

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Having worked in fast-paced, highly diverse and multicultural diagnostic corporations in senior roles, I use my initiative and natural leadership skills to support the increasing demand for high-level coaching in corporate environments. In addition, I have over 20 years’ experience in training, mentoring and personal development. I have a PhD in Coronavirus vaccine development, I am a certified personal performance coach from the “International Coaching Federation (ICF)”, and an accredited DISC practitioner for communication. My background enables me to build connections and understanding of my clients needs, to empower them by transforming their mindset and ultimately leading them to success. 

My mission is to be a key leader in the coaching industry, for individuals and businesses to maximise potential and achieve their objectives and goals in a supportive learning environment.