My Story

Hello, I’m Susan!


My story began when I was a young girl with a dream of becoming a doctor to help people. 

As a very successful leader, my father used to remind me that if I want to help others I need to know them, live among them and understand them. I never understood the meaning of his words of wisdom until I have started to understand and connect with myself then with others.   

My passion for personal growth as well as for professional development has always been my motivator in life. I have accomplished my BSc, MSc and PhD in Molecular virology, specialising in the area of Coronavirus vaccine development, to pursue my dream of helping people.

In 2009 I moved to the business sector to fulfil my values and desire to help patients through diagnostic corporations where I worked in Sales, Business Development, and Marketing roles for over a decade.  I have been privileged to work and collaborate closely with many leaders and senior managers from corporate to healthcare organisations and distributors, the majority of those leaders were gifted with their technical abilities, but few had natural interpersonal skills and high EQ. Those few great leaders inspired and empowered me during my rewarding and successful journey, but most importantly shaped me to the person I am today.

My coaching journey started back in 2012 when unexpectedly I have lost my father to esophageal cancer. Years of personal development and soul searching lead me to find my passion, purpose and love. Coaching life gives me the knowledge and insight to change lives, including my own. It is more impactful helping empower people to find the answers themselves, rather than telling them.

My mission in life to help people hasn’t changed through my story, it has expanded!  Now as a qualified and experienced coach I can guide others and impact more lives. Helping as many people as possible to not only have a healthier life, but also a happier and more fulfilled one.

I am so grateful for every experience I have ever had as it has shaped me into the person I am today, and that is exactly who I am supposed to be right this very moment.

I am so proud that I contribute even more to the wellbeing of human kind with coaching. Especially in this new changing world, to help individuals and organisations find true meaning in their life, work, and pursuits, to help improve our world together.

Dream Big

The things that make me and my work special

I am so passionate about my personal development as well as the progress of my clients, I stay solution focused and results driven to create the exponential outcome for organisation’s leaders and their team. I draw upon personality profiling, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, success coaching techniques and human insights to develop the mindset and behaviors of the person behind the leadership role, whilst enabling them with the tools and techniques they need to thrive as a leader. I deliver a memorable learning experience, whether hybrid, virtually or face-to-face. My approach is interactive, fun and thought provoking, creating the ideal environment for people to learn and develop insights, awareness, and new skills.

Susan has the following coaching certifications from The Coaching Academy and DISC Profiling