Client testimonials & Success Stories


A measure of my performance and success in coaching is the feedback I get from my clients. This is what drives me to help and inspire others, I am always looking to improve my mastery of coaching and help my clients maximise success and opportunity.


See some of my wonderful client testimonials below:

We discussed my goals and my expectations at the very onset of my first session, so Susan helped me to set these goals. Each session was motivating, so it was always something that I looked forward to. The sessions were very well structured, and Susan had a consistent and effective approach in helping me think about ways of achieving my goals. Susan’s positive energy during each session was captivating, thus I now have an incredibly positive attitude towards reaching my goals. I felt encouraged to lead the sessions therefore, I am motivated to take the steps and actions I have highlighted to achieve my goals. I find communication with Susan to be effortless as listens and prompts me appropriately.
Bola Palmer

I am setting up my own business where I have found challenges with many business tasks that I needed to complete. Eventually, I have asked Susan for help. Our coaching session started with setting my goal and my expectations. The sessions were very well structured, and Susan's challenging and relevant questions, positive energy and effective approach supported me to found the answer to my needs. I have found coaching like a deep soul searching and looking for the solutions. Susan has helped me to breakdown my overall goal to the manageable tasks and achievable milestones. Additionally, she supported me to become more organised and clearly see the next move in my journey. Those sessions had a very deep, positive impact on my professional life so I decided to continue coating with Susan in other aspects of my personal and professional life, such as losing weight and how to attract my targeted clients. I cannot thank Susan enough and I wish her the best in her coaching career. She is very professional in her approach and I highly recommend her.
Shilart Studio
Illustration Art

Coaching with Susan was a very good experience for me. I worked with her on how to be focused to reach some goals in my career as an artist. She helped me to see things in a realistic way, to work on my thoughts, on my discipline and how to make sure I could do little steps in order to make my dream come true. During the coaching sessions I was feeling very comfortable and I was surprised by her ability to understand which the real problems I had were and make me work on them. I am grateful for the privilege of working with Susan.
Aida Llukaj
Actress, Performance Art

I have been coached by Susan Izadkhasti for 4 sessions. In each session Susan presented in a highly professional way and showed an ability to connect with me and the issues I was presenting effectively and purposively. Her approach to coaching was always methodical and she is a genuine and skilled listener who was skilled in helping me to develop my agenda. In this way I always felt that each coaching session was authentically for me. Her patient and non-judgemental questioning skills enabled me to clarify my thinking through each stage of the GROW process, and I learnt much about effective goal setting from Susan. Her questions were always open ended and purposeful, and focused on helping me to explore the issues succesfully through each stage of the process, and I always ended up with a set of actions that I was committed to carrying out. Every coaching session was useful to me at what was a period of considerable change, helping me to tackle a diverse range of topics.
David Barker
Education Leadership
Working with Susan has been a really fruitful experience. We have similar research and commercial backgrounds diversifying into specialised medical and health fields. Our paths have converged with a shared love of coaching. Susan shows great empathy, self-awareness and emotional intelligence in her approach to life. She uses these assets in her coaching and in her approach to developing her business. She is highly professional and I really felt that I was in good hands. She is kind, talented and a genuine person who is using these talents amongst others to become a great coach. She is warm and inclusive and easily strikes up rapport. No topic daunted her and she skillfully and gently led me through the GROW model in a natural conversational style. Susan is happy to impart her learning and self-knowledge to others. To illustrate a point or help me to develop, she used a number of useful coaching tools, and referred to book passages, authors and talented coaches, as well as to her own life experience.
Kathy Armour, PhD
Innovation Consultancy Service
The coaching I have had with Susan has been outstanding. Susan took the time to get to know me and understand me, she understood my core values and would check in to make sure the direction I was looking at was sin line with them. Susan is a great listener and really helped draw out of me new creative ideas. Since my coaching with Susan I feel more fulfilled, I understand myself better and my direction more, I have a whole new level of confidence and left behind some heavy limiting beliefs. Thank you Susan.
Nicola Saner
IT Managing Directer at Chorus
My reason for seeking coaching was to overcome some obstacles I found while trying to develop my business. Being self employed and managing several projects at any one time while still trying to carry out my ‘day job’ as a personal trainer was challenging at best and totally overwhelming at worst. Susan, with her calm and understanding approach, always managed to draw out of me simple and affective processes I could easily implement which I did over the months we worked together. From daily assessment of what was and wasn’t important for me to actually work on to avoiding distractions, with her coaching I was able to complete several projects I was having extreme difficulty with and since working with Susan I have completed many more using the methodologies we established together. I’m currently very close to securing a premises to start a business which has been a dream of mine for over a decade but I’m confident in saying if this deal doesn’t come off that I’m now armed with the skills to continue until one does and then beyond.
Jamie Toff
Personal Trainer
I had 4 sessions for coaching with Susan and they were very insightful. Susan is highly professional, empathetic and great at pushing me and challenging me on things. She also paid great attention to what I was saying and helped me better understand why I do or don’t do some of the things that hold me back. She helped me realise that what I am trying to work on is not specifically task related I.e complete my diploma but more my long established patterns in many aspects of my life. I still have a lot of work to do but Susan has helped nudge me on the right path and I appreciated and valued her time she kindly offered me and her patience. I highly recommend her to anyone that would like to try out coaching.
Farhana Aboo
Head of Marketing, Music Industry
I had 6 sessions with Susan and I wanted to work on my beliefs that were holding me back, specifically in relation to my new career as a Coach. Things like comparison, fear of judgement, lack of confidence and feeling apologetic were holding me back. After working with Susan, I now believe that: I can have a successful coaching business, My message is one that needs to be heard and will help other mums, People aren't judging me or laughing at me, I don't have to be perfect. Susan helped me see my long held beliefs from a more neutral perspective, which helped me massively. I also loved that above all Susan always reminded me to be kind to myself and to have fun along the way too. Susan is a professional coach, who is encouraging and motivating. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Susan as a coach.
Jenna Folarin
Life Coach for Mums
I happen to come across Susan's coaching opportunity through my mother and with no other experience in such discipline, I was very curious also cautious as to how it worked. My sessions with Susan, it completely opened my eyes to the concept of self-exploration and the power of our inner thoughts. Being classified as millennial in our society, growing up in such a fast pace and social media-driven world, I have started feeling very anxious and self-critical. Through my sessions, I was able to really dig deep and identify the things I was telling and feeding myself, which in effect shaped my negative self-image. Susan was very understanding, open-minded, and patient in my progress. It was important for me to learn things at my own pace and I felt that she encouraged every little progress that I achieved, this then gave me more confidence to tackle my goals. I am very grateful for Susan's special way of making you feel heard and comfortable as I learned a lot about myself and came up with great solutions to my concerns. She helped me realise that by no means this is the end as I also learned that self-development is an ongoing journey, that there is nothing wrong with taking the time and appreciating the little things. Thank you, Susan!
Zula Altangerel (LLM)
Underwriting, Insurance
Susan Izadkhasti is an excellent coach and has played a pivotal role in my self-development to date. One of my main goals was to have a competitive edge by waking up early at 4am. However, waking up consistently has been my main challenge for a number of years. Susan’s ability to coach me, challenge my limiting beliefs and even stretch me further has been tough at times, but it’s exactly what I needed. Susan’s calm and friendly demeanour quickly put me at ease but her ability to listen attentively and challenge me when I brought in excuses is exactly what makes Susan a top coach. After six sessions with Susan, I have been waking up at 4am consistently and starting my day with purpose. I am more structured, organised and proactive. For a long time, I was under the illusion time was against me and there wasn’t enough time during the day. Thanks to Susan, I have managed to change the way I look at it and more than enough time to execute my daily actions. I’m taking on more projects and feel empowered to fulfil my destiny by being more disciplined with my morning routine.
Michael Le
Associated Director of Client Strategy at Movable Ink
I had 6 coaching sessions with Susan and I really appriciated her great listening skills and very patient and supportive personality. During those coaching sessions I always felt very at ease, supported and at the same time I found good solutions to my concerns and issues. Her questions helped me to start thinking creatively and also positively. Especially in my third session, I was struggling about my life and work balance. While I was answering her questions, I realised that my biggest issue was that I worked overtime almost every day and no one, even my boss didn’t ask for this and I decided to stop working overtime so that I could spend more quality time with my son. After these sessions, I started to finish my work on time, which gave me lots of time to spend with my son and other housework. The very important thing was that I didn't receive any bad feedback from my boss. I want to thank Susan so much for her great work, now I can organise and control my time and it gives me more Family Time and also makes me a very happy mum.
Tsend Badam
Financial and Operational Coordinator
Through Susan’s coaching, I was able to create a clear path forward to achieve my goals and take the actions that were the biggest priority for me each time. As I started to make progress, my confidence both in my plans and also in my ability to achieve them grew. I found that I actually enjoyed the actions I was taking, which spurred me on with the subsequent steps and boosted my confidence further. As a result of the coaching I have a clear plan to achieve my goals, tangible outputs and successes that set me up for the future. I also now believe in my abilities to achieve my goals and am motivated to take things further. Susan has a very thoughtful, supportive style of coaching and she challenged me to really think about the motivations behind what I was wanting to achieve. She kept me on track and encouraged me in my ambitions. Thanks Susan!
Susan Rome, PhD
Director of Scientific Strategy
I have completed a total of 6 coaching sessions with Susan and I am extremely happy with how everything has gone. Susan has shared her experience on coaching with me by challenging me and helping me uncover limited beliefs that were stopping me from taking the rigth decisions to move forwards with my goals. This has been of great help as it has made me reconsider new options and alternatives to achieve my objectives. The thing I have enjoyed the most when working with Susan as my coach is that I have felt sessions have flowed very well, as it has been quite easy to talk to her and talk about the different difficulties and barriers I was experiencing without feeling judged but empowered. I highly recommend her as a coach!
Maria del Carmen Sanz Trujillo
Personal Functional Assessor - Clinical Products
"I found your coaching very useful as we explored options for creating a more balanced work/life approach. Our discussions helped to clarify areas for development and allowed me to better self-reflect. I am currently working on implementing many of the recommendations you made and am hopeful these will help me build a better working environment which will also provide me the opportunity for better rest and recovery."
Datis Gol
Founder and Multi Award-winner at Bucks Star Beer
Working with Susan was absolute pleasure. She was able to help me to understand how my current circumstances and life experiences were impacting my desired outcome. Susan provided practical tools for my coaching practice and business, that focused on my strengths and how they can benefit my customers. The psychological practices used in our sessions were always positive and always left me feeling motivated. Susan helped me organised my thoughts in plans and always made me feel comfortable to express myself.
Leadership Development coaching for NHS
Desree Richards
Senior Project Manager, NHS South, Central and West
‘Dear Susan, Sometimes the use of words are hard to fully express ones gratitude for someone's impact but I will try! Our coaching sessions helped me connect more with the real, authentic self in personal and professional life. It was amazing to realise how many practical resources and ideas I was able to find stored at the back of mind somewhere; from practical strategies to manage overloading my working day to managing my energy expenditure in my personal life. Every session was a powerful conversation adding an extra piece to the puzzle I was trying to put together. I am thankful for your help, presence and refreshing offers to explore a different perspective of a situation. I am sure I will be reaching out again! Thanks so much, Maria-Loukia’
Maria-Loukia Bratsou
Clinical Manager / Staff Governor, NHS West Kent
Coaching helped me plan my day and prioritise my tasks more effectively, i am pacing my self more and reflecting on my work life balance have taken a positive step in changing role. I am working on sustaining the progress in a consistent way and will take the reflections and learning into my new role. coaching gave me space to reflect on how i go about my work and being more aware of the pressure i put on myself has helped me to pace myself, i have recommended coaching to the staff i supervise as a result of this positive experience and will continue to recommend as coaching has helped me improve my work life balance.
NHS, Healthcare Leadership
My coaching experience with Susan was an incredible source of support over the last year. I decided to take up coaching, as I had successful coaching experiences in previous employment and have been going through a great deal of change in my role and organisation. My sessions with Susan provided me with a lot of perspective and I was able to narrow down the areas which I wanted to focus and improve on Susan was brilliant at creating a safe space in our online meetings, where I was able to self-reflect and develop techniques that I could put in practice to address areas of dissatisfaction. Susan often followed up our sessions with helpful resources that we had spoken about, which I found invaluable. My sessions with Susan have improved my motivation, and inspired me to continue to work on my self-worth and key areas such as communication skills. I would be very happy to work with Susan again and would highly recommend her as a coach.
Diana Taphouse
Mental Health Commissioning Directorate