World Mental Health Day, 10th October

I have never imagined that I would write a blog about mental health, until recently when one of my friends shared his struggle and a decision to end his life. Fortunately, he didn’t do it. But still bothers me when I think if he did! It could be any of us, my sister, my best friend, or somebody else.

How often follow up with someone says to you “I’m fine”, if you’re think they’re not?

Because we say we are fine, doesn’t mean all is good.  Being fine sometimes means we are putting a mask on to hide ourselves behind it.  

Mental Health is a big topic especially with the current COVID19 pandemic. So many lives have been affected in the last couple of months; some of us have lost loved ones, we’ve seen job losses, financial uncertainty, and many more difficult circumstances. Every day we are facing new challenges.  We are uncertain, anxious and our mental health is dipping.

The important question is, what we can do about it? Certainly we need to start by being engaged and talking about how we feel, to communicate better and share our feelings, to have more empathy and listen to each other, and to build more resilience.  

I have a 5 year mission to help as many people as possible to create a happy and fulfilled life, to empower and support everyone I engage with to be the best version of themselves. If somebody says I am fine! I will dig deeper; when I look back I want to be certain I did my best to help that individual with their healing journey.

Let’s show our support for World Mental Health Day. If we can help one person a day or even a week, the world will be a happier and better place to live.  One act of kindness can often be the catalyst for a chain of positive events and this can potentially help make the world a happier place for us all.

What is your mission, how you are going to help someone today!

Share your thoughts with me; I would love to hear from you.


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